26 March 2007


The Be Good Tanyas!!!

This is one of my favorite musical groups. They just have this incredible mix of folksy heartland music and funky lyrics. I love 'em! This is always been one of my favorite song of theirs, too, "The Littlest Birds." So imagine my surprise today finding out that they have a new album out (actually it's a 2006-er) called Hello Love. I am so all over that!

These tunes remind me so much of Johnson City, TN - a place I lived three years ago. Tim and I went to school in the area and we really settled down there for a while. It really was a lovey place. I miss all of the incredible people and the gorgeous mountains. I still get "homesick" for my lovin' Appalachia. Like the Be Good Tanyas say:
Well I feel like an old hobo, I'm sad lonesome and blue.
I was fair as the summer day now the summer days are through.
You pass through places and places pass through you -
But you carry 'em with you on the souls of your travellin' shoes...

Well I love you so dearly I love you so clearly.
Wake you up in the mornin' so early
Just to tell you I got the wanderin' blues.
I got the wanderin' blues.
And i'm gonna quit these ramblin' ways one of these days soon
And I'll sing:

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs...

Love it!


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