17 April 2007

Adventures in the Cape...

Well, we're back! And we had a lovely time, regardless of being pummelled by a nor'easter. We left early Friday and drove to Hyannis, where we hopped aboard a speedy ferry that took us to the island of Nantucket.

Now, I've been to some beautiful places in the world before, and I have to say that Nantucket ranks pretty high on my pretty places list. Even though it was totally not in season (read: very windy and somewhat brown), the locals were amazing and the flower boxes more than compensated for the not yet green grasses. I can only imagine how glorious it must look when everything is flourishing - I couldn't help but notice how meticulously kept the gardens were, with their trailing vines and espaliered trees. Incredible.

Here is another thing I want to write about: Tim and I've talked about this quite a bit. How weird is it to actually visit some of these places that you've only ever read about?!? Tim remembers doing a (salt dough) clay model of the island of Nantucket way back in elementary school. Who would have thought he'd ever in his lifetime visit this place?!? And me, I never dreamed of seeing the Cape, let alone Nantucket! Crazy. I am now a firm believer in collecting memories - not dust.

Well, after Nantucket (which I'll write more about later... I'm just giving an overview of the trip in this blog entry) we took the ferry back to Hyannis on Saturday night. That is when the storm hit. Sunday was a soaking mess, but we managed to do some cool things and visit some neat museums. It was kind of a bummer that we picked such a crappy weekend weather-wise, but we made the most of it. We drove all over the lower end of the Cape that day, accomplishing a couple of things like having a sandwich in Sandwich, and so forth. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Monday was a much nicer day - the sun finally came out! It was so windy though. I think the winds got up to about 55 mph - at least that is what the kids at CNN said. Tim took a great wind picture of me (mind that it was raining and I haven't photoshopped it yet...). Pretty dang funny. Yeah, that was Sunday. But on Monday, we drove up to Provincetown and had a nice time. We even were able to take a stroll along Race Point Beach, which is the furthest tip of the Cape.

So, that is a quick recap of the vacation. I'll fill in details tomorrow morning after I've had some time to unwind a bit. We really did have a nice time. We need to get away more often!


Christie said...

What fabulous pictures! What an exciting trip. We'll definitely have to go there some time. I always love your getaway pictures. They put a smile on my face and transport me for a bit. Glad you guys made it back safe and sound!

Lazy Daisy said...

I think the wind blown look "works for you" how fun!

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