22 April 2007

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, yo. I have something to address with all the ladies out there. (Men, you may not want to read this... you've been warned.) Okay, Tim and I spent some time strolling on the beach in the Cape this past weekend and I noticed something that totally appalled me. And I have decided to take a more active stand against something. While we walked the beach last weekend, I was noticing some of the debris that washed up on the Cape shores, especially after having such a crazy rain storm Sunday night. I kept seeing something in particular that I couldn't recognize. It was something plastic and it was kind of shredded to resemble an oddly-shaped opened tulip flower. It was kind of pretty, other than the fact that it was trash (thank heavens I didn't pick it up...). Yes, you may have already guessed. (Sometimes I am so naive!) The trash I saw was used plastic tampons. Oh gross. Yes, NASTY. So, to all of you women who support using those plastic versions (instead of cardboard applicators) SHAME ON YOU! And if you never realized, it is okay. But now that you know, please stop! You are sullying our shores with girl waste!


Becky said...

That's why I use these. The chemicals in the cotton of disposable tampons are pretty scary! (plus all that cotton takes a while to biodegrade too, you know)

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