10 April 2007

Good Thoughts For Pops...

Here is a pic of my silly dad. He is undergoing the knife today to get a hernia fixed, so everybody please say a prayer or think some happy thoughts for him. Okay?

I'm a daddy's girl, so I am a bit worried about his surgery. My dad works so very hard and is always lifting twice his body weight (does he think he's an ant?!?), so I am hoping he will just cut that out. He is a very important person to me, and I need him to stick around, ya know? (He's also the biggest fan of the blue-eyed girl club and I love my fans.) I just really don't like surgeries of any kind, and this is a SECOND hernia surgery for him. After this, he is under strict Suzy orders to frolic for AT LEAST two months while he heals. (You hear that Pops?!? If I find out you've been playing Hercules again, I will be SO mad.)


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