21 April 2007


I've posted the Nantucket pics on Flickr, if anyone cares to check them out. (Click on the slide show feature.) I was pretty proud of how a few of them turned out. That first half of our mini-vacation was incredible (the weather had a lot to do with that, though...). I would definitely recommend a visit to this picturesque little island.

Here are some memories I just wanted to jot down...

  • Seeing the house that Steinbeck wrote East of Eden in (now called Eden East)
  • What the heck is a Plover?!?
  • Staying in the "Forsythia Room" (for half what it usually costs!) at the beautiful Brass Lantern Inn
  • The cool bookstore lady who gave me the "Librarian Tattoos"
  • Not getting to see the "Blue Lobster" (stupid aquarium...)
  • Gail's Van Tour - a native Nantucketeer
  • LOTS and LOTS of daffodils!
  • Salt-shaker houses with Victorian gingerbread trim...
  • Pretty little window boxes everywhere
  • "Closed for the Season" signs - Doh!
  • Cranberry Bogs and "Organic" Cranberry Bogs...
  • Scrimshaw and Nantucket Lightship Baskets
  • Blue skies
  • Tim in his Popeye coat
  • Brant Point Lighthouse
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
  • Giant Sperm Whale (teehee)
  • Summer homes of Heinz, the Stillers, the guy that owns GE, and even the Gilbreths!
  • Going to a FREAKY Harold Pinter play
  • Ships in a bottle
  • Our fellow Australian tourists - Robin, Peter, and Goronwyn
  • The Wampanoags all died here...
  • The local "haircut" - they must all go to the same stylist!
  • That local crazy lady must be loaded!
  • The Nantucket "Sleigh Ride"
  • The Jamaican workforce - "Oh, everybody has a girl!" (gasp)
  • Moving houses across the street so they don't erode into the sea...
  • The Portuguese Cobblers
  • "The calm before the storm"
  • New Guinea Archaeologists
  • The oldest house on Nantucket with am upside-down horseshoe to ward away witches
  • A "Whale's Tail Pale Ale - pretty yummy!
  • Amazing fresh cranberry muffins and chocolate covered cranberries... Delish!
Well, those are some fun memories of our day and a half in Nantucket... But to quote one of my favorite shows growing up, Reading Rainbow, "don't take my word for it!"


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