26 April 2007

"This is dedicated to the one I love..."

Suzy has been one lonely girl for the past two days! Hubby has left the abode to go on a work retreat off in Jersey and will be back (thank goodness) tonight. I just don't do well on my own... I end up eating cereal for dinner and chocolate cake for breakfast. I stare at the walls for long stretches of time and watch a lot of TV. My kitties have been good to me, though. I woke up this morning to Mr. Pan (pictured) rubbing his head on my hand - really sweet. Granted, it was 6:30 in the morning and I don't have to be at work till 9:00! Still, I love my critters.

Tonight should be a much better night, though. My hunny will be back from Jersey and my folks will also be here, up from VA. I'll have a full house. Baby brother may even make his stage appearance tonight at my place, I hope. This girl just needs to be surrounded by adoring people and tonight can't come soon enough! (I especially need some girl time with my momma - a girl can't get enough Blue-Eyed Girl's Club time anymore!)


Christie said...

Hey Suzy-girl, Hang in there and soak up the love. Wish I was there. Love you and miss you. Enjoy your hubby and family time. much love across the miles

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