18 May 2007

Freaky Friday

Why can't every Friday be a day off of work? I mean, I always enjoy a good Friday, but I could really enjoy it better if I didn't have to be at work. Today, both Tim and I had the day off, which was so fun. We usually don't get to have corresponding days, so I had a whole list of "to dos" ready.

First, we REALLY needed to clean the house. I mean, our dust bunnies were multiplying. It was gross. And we have cats, so with the amount of hair I vacuumed up, I probably could have made a stuffed cat - one that wouldn't throw up on my nice clean couch. (You hear me Mr. Pan? I'm getting me a stuffed cat.) Tim had to do the "boy" jobs like clean the toilet and take out the trash and such. I REFUSE to clean the porcelain. So now my house all is clean and shiny.

Next, we had a bunch of errands to run, so we ran. In the process of errand running, we decided to go and get our eyes checked. Going to the eye doctor is high up there on one of my least favorite activities, so it was pretty cunning of Tim to sneak that one in on me. I hate doing it because they always make you take that dang eye-puffer test! Sheesh. I really hate that thing. It is the anticipation of the puff that gets me. I mean, I literally haven't been to the eye doctor in about 8+ years because of that blasted test. But reader, you'll be happy to know that I mastered the test and I got me some new glasses today. So did Tim. (My eyesight is way worse than his, but my glasses are way cuter, too.) The funny part of the experience was getting our eyes dilated. They have to take a picture of the back of your eyeball, so they dilate your eyes for it. It totally messed me up. I was so distracted by the fact that I couldn't see, that I could barely phrase sentences. Tim couldn't stop laughing at me. I guess it is a good thing that I never did any drugs - I don't think I would be capable!

After all that craziness, we went to the craft fair at Lyndhurst. I've always wanted to go to this yearly event, but I'd never been able to before. It was kinda nice. (I think that Bele Chere in Asheville, NC is WAY cooler but it is a totally different type of venue. This was way more of a artsy type deal with artsy prices - Asheville has more of an eclectic feel to it's festivals.) Anyway, I used some of my "mad money" and got a really cute hand-made purse from this chick and some really pretty sterling silver hand-made "iris" earrings from this guy.

Finally, Tim - being the great man that he is - took me to a craft store so I could buy my own craft supplies. (Good Man.) I have tons of great ideas now. That is the best part of going to a craft festival - stealing ideas! We saw some awesome 3-D pictures that I am going to try to replicate and I also saw some great beading ideas for future Suzy necklaces. Oh, let the creativity flow.

So, that was my Friday. Bummer that I have to work tomorrow, but at least I got refueled, right?


Jennifer said...

And why haven't we seen any pictures of the new glasses? ;) It sounds like you had a fun, busy day!! :)

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