19 May 2007

Great Quote...

I ran across this quote today and figured since it affected me so, I thought I should share it. It's from Plato's Republic.
Our aim is to prevent our Guards being reared among images of vice - as it
were in a pasturage of poisonous herbs where, cropping and grazing in abundance
every day, they little by little and all unawares build up one huge accumulation
of evil in their soul. Rather, we must seek out craftsmen with a talent for capturing what is lovely and graceful, so that our young, dwelling as it were in a salubrious region, will receive benefit from everything about them. Like a breeze bringing health from wholesome places, the impact of works of beauty on eye or ear will imperceptibly from childhood on, guide them to likeness, to friendship, to concord with the beauty of reason.

Incredible, eh? Word, Plato. (Or like my ma used to say,"Garbage in, garbage out.")


Tim said...

This is why I love you so much. I look back on the quote and realize you posted it before our boys were even a thought. You bring so much beauty and creativity into our lives. Love ya girl!

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