21 May 2007

Heroes and Gyros

Tonight is the season finale of Heroes - one of the coolest TV shows of the year. Ahh yeah. Well, we saw this billboard "It's time to save the world" while we were walking to 9th Ave and it kinda creeped me out. If you are a Heroes fan, you'll probably guess why it wasn't all that cool to see this sign while strolling along in New York City... (Think nuclear.) Yeah. I thought it was blog-worthy.

Speaking of heroes, look how cute my baby brother is... Isn't he great? We went to see the third Spiderman with him (the day after) opening weekend; I think we've seen ALL the Spiderman movies with him (if memory serves), so we thought it fitting to have his pic with the spidey-man. Notice Andy pretending that his spider senses are tingling... Or maybe it's just gas - who knows with this crazy fella!

So, the purpose of our little jaunt in the city yesterday was for the 9th Avenue International Food Festival! (Notice the title of this post... teehee...) I read about this festival ages ago about how it is one of the best street fairs there is, so you know I HAD to go. The tents of vendors were stretched out over twenty blocks, selling every kind of food imaginable! We ate SO MUCH! Tim and I shared some fresh squeezed pink lemonade with grilled sweet corn, I had a Mozzerapa (which is a sweet cornbread cake with mozzarella sandwiched between), Andy had a gyro, Tim had a steak shishka-bob, and then Tim and I shared a pulled pork sandwich (Holy Toledo - it was good!), then we all had fried Oreos (a diabetic nightmare) and cupcakes. I even got me a glass of Sangria. S.O. G.O.O.D. Needless to say, that did nothing for my figure! Oh well - it was worth it.

I also enjoyed some of the booths with cheap jewelry! I got a great white beaded necklace and some pretty (fake) turquoise earrings for two bucks. What a deal. And I got a nice pair of 600 thread-count sheets for twenty bucks (I paid $60 for the same brand in a different color last year) and some sweet random home-made finger-puppets. I got a Barney the purple dinosaur, a kid with glasses dressed like Superman, a Batman guy, a Spiderman, a teeny tiny monster guy, and a Cookie Monster. It was a blast. And it was fun meeting up with Andy to play in the city.


YellowRose said...

I thought the same thing when I saw that HEROES billboard!!! LOL

Wish we were there for the food fest! It looked and sounded wonderful! We had a blast while we were there. Stop by my blog and see what we did.

We will be going back to NYC soon, we loved it! Next time, we'll have to meet!!

Christie said...

Sweet. That was a dang good finale. I would have loved to have a Gyro at the Heroes festival. (I can't remember if I ever told you - I started watching Heroes after that night you had asked me to, especially after Vanished was so lame. I've loved it ever since. What can I say - you know what you're talking about. :)

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