27 May 2007

Saturday Excursion

Yesterday, I got to hang out with my good buddy Tennessee Celeste! Oh what fun! I really miss this amazing chick. She cracks me up (and then when she starts laughing with her cute giggles, it makes me laugh even harder). Well, she and her fella Bryon (yes, this IS the way he spells it - so there) took a week vacation to visit DC and NYC and this was the tail end of her visit.

We went to the NY Botanical Gardens and took this in my favorite little spot in the garden... I just love this butterfly. (Someday I vow to fill my garden with giant critters and other large objects. That way, when you walk through my garden, you'll feel like an ant. I think that would be so cool.) There are more pictures of the gardens and the rest of our day here.

We also went into the city for more adventure, but first, while we waited for our train, we explored the ghetto area Webster Ave. in the Bronx. Ahh yeah. Not exactly a TOURIST destination. We saw all kinds of interesting things, but the coolest thing was this busted watermain. This guy was too funny - he sprayed anyone who walked by. (Celeste and I were kinda hiding behind a fence... Tim actually took this photo.)

When we got into the city, we noticed that there were a million Navy boys walking around. I always forget about Fleet Week. So we headed down to the harbor to see the aircraft carrier and whatnot and also to pick up tickets for the "Harbor Lights Cruise," which is something I've wanted to do for a while. It was a lot of fun. It's like a two hour ride along the bottom half of Manhattan, from 83rd and 42nd to the UN Building on the East Side, and then over to Liberty Island by twilight. We took some gorgeous pictures.

Afterwards, we found a little pizza place and had a late dinner. The pizza place had a ton of sailors, so I got brave and asked a question that has always perplexed me. I asked one of the Navy boys whether or not his hat is aerodynamic. I always thought that those kind of hats would just blow off in a stiff breeze from off the water. The guys told me that they don't have to wear them at sea, just when they come into shore when they wear their dress (whites?) uniform. One of the guys told me that the hats were designed to be flotation devices too, and then he demonstrated how you would use it - by flipping it all forward and tugging together the brim to make a pocket of air. Interesting. Is this story actually true or was I a victim of my own naivety?!?


Christie said...

You're so cute!! I'm glad you had such a good time. Can't wait til I see you next.

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