15 May 2007

Wave Hill

On Sunday, Tim and I went down to this gorgeous small public garden called Wave Hill in the Bronx (actually Riverdale, which is the really nice area of the Bronx). It was so nice! I highly recommend it as a local getaway. (And the weather was totally perfect.)

Wave Hill is a 28 acre garden and estate, established in 1843. It's

been visited by and home to tons of famous people - namely Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and Thomas Henry Huxley. This place is situated just right to give an amazing view of the Hudson River and the beautiful Palisades. Seriously, it's hard to find a prettier view. The price is right too! It's just four bucks to get in! Sweet.

Tim and I strolled the afternoon away in the gardens and in the small conservatory. (I can't believe how many plants they packed into that small conservatory - fantastic!) The highlights were the rock gardens, the beautiful vista, the wisteria (I L.O.V.E. that stuff), the incredible giant elm trees, the succulent collection, and the well-thought-out individual gardens. You know it is a great garden when you can't figure out which way to go because every path looks so enticing! The garden was actually way smaller than it looked, but with the intricate winding paths, it took so long to explore! Kudos to the volunteer horticulturists that maintain Wave Hill. That place rocks.

But the best part of our afternoon was enjoying a Sunday Afternoon Tea. Just right.


the night owl said...

Hi Suzy,....What a beautiful looking place to visit, and a cup of tea to relax.... Baba

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