14 June 2007

13 random things I like...

(Clarification: This absolutely is NOT a "Thursday Thirteen" - I am no longer a part of that outfit. But it is true that yes, today is Thursday and yes, this is a list of thirteen items.)

Number 1 = I love my new niece. I've spent all day thinking about her cute little chubby cheeks. She is so adorable, especially when she smiles at you. It makes you feel like you've just done something incredible to please her. She's great.

Number 2 = I'm really enjoying going to the tanning bed. I know that sounds so incredibly vain, but here's the thing - after a really long rotten day teaching people how to use the shift button on their computers and whatnot, it is so stinkin' nice to go stand naked in a tiny room with straight up UV rays, listening to techno goodness, and searing your troubles away. Ain't nothing like it. I also like the fact that I no longer look like a pale librarian who's too busy straightening shelves and reading the latest book craze to set foot outdoors.

Number 3 = My cat Juno is so roley poley. I love to pet her big ole tummy that drags when she walks by. Sometimes, when she scoots past me, I try and grab her tummy pouch. It freaks her out and she jumps straight up. And that cracks me up, too.

Number 4 = I really like this new reality TV show, The Pirate Master. It is probably doing poorly as far as ratings go, but I don't care. Last week, the crew had to walk through this pit with poisonous snakes. It was crazy. It's on tonight - I'll be watching.

Number 5 = I have this great frame that sits by my desk. The frame looks like book spines with the title Tess of the D'Urbervilles printed on them. The picture I have in this frame is of me and Tim at Stonehenge. I like that no one, except those who have read that book, gets that reference. It gives me a bit of literary snobbery.

Number 6 = I like the way blue hydrangeas look before they fully open. Right now, it looks like I have some kind of crazy purple bush in my back yard.

Number 7 = I'm celebrating not having to work tomorrow. I have to work Saturday, but that is a whole day away from now.

Number 8 = I like that when the phone rings and I am in my office, I have to run down my long hallway to pick it up. Then I call it my exercise for the day. Ahh yeah.

Number 9 = Heh. Every time I write out the words "Number Nine," I think of that weird Beatles song... I warned you that this list was random.

Number 10 = I'm gonna have an OUTBACK salad tonight. When God created the earth and said this is good, I wonder what he had to say about the creation of the OUTBACK salad? Because it is not just good, it is grrr...eat!

Number 11 = I told somebody, that I don't like very much, off yesterday. It felt so great. See, I am the type of gal to hold it in until I just pop. And when I pop, watch out. It ain't pretty. There could be tears... There could be claw marks... You just never know. Anyway, I told her off because she is unbelievably lazy. I ripped her a new one, actually. There were people who were impressed, let's just say.

Number 12 = Tomorrow (on my lovely day off), I believe I am going to make a pretty necklace with the bead kit my awesome husband bought me. He knows that I like to dabble into the creative juices here and there and so he bought me this bead kit that has 4 different types of pliers (? - one of them is needle-nose pliers - I have no clue what to do with the others), a felt beading tray with all kinds of measurements all over it, and a whole bunch of clasps. It was a cool gift - my guy really is great.

Number 13 = And finally, gosh my house smells great. I vacuumed yesterday with that sprinkle on powered stuff that smells like "clean linen" and my house no longer smells like cat or human or anything else that can be stinky. It's kind of like Fabreeze in a way - it's a facade of cleanliness.

The end. Thanks for reading.


Christie said...

and I enjoyed reading . . . especially after a long day. This is my detox. By the way, I love Pirate Master, too. And I am so glad the red team won tonight! Ah yeah, power to the people! :) Love ya.

Jennifer said...

What an awesome list!!
Now that you've confessed, I'll let you in on the dirty little secret that I have been laying out in my backyard. I wear a little spaghetti strap T-shirt and a pair of shorts and take a book and just sun away. I know I'll probably get skin cancer in a year or so but this year I don't much care...the warm and the sunlight just relaxes me, and I NEED it...plus, like you, I'm tired of the Casper look ;)!
I can't imagine you going off on somebody...but I do that too...hold it in until I just come unglued, then it ain't at all pretty!!
I really enjoyed your list and the randomness of it all. I love reading your writing! :)

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