20 June 2007

Our Anniversary

We had a really nice 8th anniversary (thanks everyone for your comments and cards). Tim surprised me with an incredible (and expensive!) dinner and tickets to see Romeo and Juliet at the American Ballet Theatre in the Metropolitan Opera House. It was gorgeous.

Dinner was fun - it was at The Compass, which is a trendy restaurant/lounge near the Met. I ate (I think they called it "the muse" or something) the "before appetizer" - it was a spineless anchovy with some tomato stuffing... yuck! But then they brought me this "heritage tomato salad" that was spectacular! It had big fat slices of different fresh tomatoes stacked up with lettuces in-between, drizzled with this raspberry vinaigrette. It was probably the prettiest "salad" I've ever eaten. The meal itself was fantastic, and we also ordered a desert - carrot cake. It was all so good! The coolest thing about the restaurant was when they brought out the bill, they also brought out a take-away bag of coffee cake breakfast for the next day. I think ALL restaurants should adopt this policy.

Romeo and Juliet was equally amazing. Just walking into the Met is an experience itself, with the plush deep red carpeting and the gilded gold railings... the sparkling chandeliers and the glass encased former costumes of Opera's greats. The ballet was beautiful, too. The choreography was stunning. The passion that the girl who played Juliet had! She was incredible. Our favorite part was the death scene of Romeo, which mimicked the balcony scene in form, but Juliet's body was limp (because she had not yet woken). Romeo threw her body around like a rag doll... like he was still trying to dance with her... it was really beautiful and tragic. I loved it.

Anyway, other than my "Emily Post" manners crisis and trying to remember which fork to use first, the night was fabulous. (If you want to brush up on YOUR table manners, take this quiz.)


YellowRose said...

I'm a little late, but Happy Anniversary!!

Sounds like you had a spectacular evening out!

Little tip my mom taught me (she could give Emily Post tips I think) always go outside in when it comes to your silverware! ;)

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