05 June 2007

A Sad Day

This is a High School picture from about ten years ago. See that cute puppy beside me? That's my Spot. I loved that dog.

Spot passed away today. She was a "found" dog, so we think she was around 13 years old. She's been living in VA with my folks.

I'll never forget that day we (my brother and I) found Spot. A big tropical storm had just come through Savannah and we had all kinds of flooding. Andy and I thought we should go exploring in the woods behind our house to see what kind of damage had been done from the storm. While we were walking along, two dogs started following and playing with us. It was little Spot and this lanky golden retriever. And Spot "followed us home" (at least, that's what I told my dad).

Since the storm was so bad, I was worried about this cute little lost puppy. So I gave this (brown and muddy) dog a bath and some food. While I gave her a bath, I realized that she was actually white and fluffy! She also had spots all over her back - hence the oh so creative name. I sat with Spot outside, brushing out all her tangles. She just laid there, basking in the attention I relished upon her. I loved her from that moment on and knew she would be MY dog.

My folks forced me to go through the motions of posting "found dog" signs, but I secretly hoped no one would claim her. And after a couple of months, there was no way I would have given her back to anyone if they had claimed her anyways. My family fell in love with her too. She's been a good dog.

My folks had to have her put down this afternoon. Spot's been having a lot of health problems lately and my folks knew that it was just a matter of time. Spot was just about totally blind and deaf, she was arthritic and becoming really incontinent, and she had lost all her pep and vigor. She lost all of her "Spotness." The vet noticed that her tongue was turning a color and he said the lumps on her belly were cancerous. So, my folks gave Spot an extra special day, filled with doggie treats and pizza crusts (her favorite). And then they took her to get a shot, so she could go on to doggie heaven. She will be missed. Especially by me.


Christie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. There's nothing like a beloved pet. I'm sending you a big comfort hug across the miles!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry, Suzy! :( ((((HUGS))))

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