21 June 2007


(I couldn't think of anything catchy for my title up there because basically this is an entry that is about nothing and everything and anything in-between.)

First off, I tried to randomly Google image the word "Thursday" and found some hilarious photos - none of which have anything to do with this day of the week. It was fun though. So I decided to litter this post with some of the funny things I found. You may not think it applies, but hey it's my Thursday, so I think it is appropriate.

So, I know this makes me sound like a total loser, and maybe I am, but I am really looking forward to some reality TV tonight (Pirate Master). See, I think that during the school year, the main prime-time shows kinda get the shaft because there are just SO MANY OPTIONS to choose from. But come summer time, you're really limited to a few things, so even cheese ball shows seem more interesting. I guess the powers that be figure that people will all be on vacation, so they may as well show reruns. And since I won't get any more vacation for a while, that leaves me stuck with old shows. No thanks. I'll take cheese ball over repeats any day. (Look - I just wrote an entire paragraph about a dang TV show and the theory of summer TV. I must actually be a loser - well, at least I'm not Emo.)

Hmmm... Another thing I am really looking forward to is this weekend - the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. I am SO wearing my blue wig. Basically, I will use any excuse to go out in a costume, especially when it involves wearing a wig. This parade will be my first experience, because I didn't get to go last year as planned (it rained). And anyway, I just love the idea of this parade... Here's a quote from their site:
The Mermaid Parade celebrates the sand, the sea, the salt air and the beginning of summer, as well as the history and mythology of Coney Island, Coney Island pride, and artistic self-expression. The Parade is characterized by participants dressed in hand-made costumes as Mermaids, Neptunes, various sea creatures, the occasional wandering lighthouse, Coney Island post card or amusement ride, as well as antique cars, marching bands, drill teams, and the odd yacht pulled on flatbed.
I read The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd last year and the idea of a dedication to the sea just seems so mysterious and elegant to me. You know, the ocean is really the last frontier and all.

Hey, we had a fire at the library today! It was crazy. It's like there is always SOMETHING wacky that happens every time I set foot in that building. One of the people that works there was trying to "crisp" her potato chips. (I don't know... maybe this is a Northern thing?) and the toaster oven lit up. I think that the grease from the chips ignited the fire or something and so we had ourselves a bit of a flaming afternoon! Okay, so the incident itself is wild, but then, if that weren't enough, another coworker decided to take the flaming oven outside of the library and so she picks it up and runs it outdoors, using handfuls of newspapers to keep her hands from getting burned. Yeah. For real. Newspapers. And her son is a fireman. I bet he is gonna be pissed at his momma when he hears about what she did.

So tomorrow, I have to remember to ask the library pyro for some potato chips. Heh.

Happy Thursday.


Barbie Girl said...

The thought of someone running out a door with a flaming toaster oven makes me laugh. HARD.

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