18 July 2007

Dag-gum. The new Harry Potter arrived at my library yesterday and the cataloger lady has hidden it. As a librarian - I feel that I should have rights too! If I could just read the first few lines... Yeah, well maybe it is good that she hid it - when it comes to HP, I have no real sense of self-control.


Jennifer said...

HARRY IS IN THE LIBRARY?? They'd DEFINITELY have to hide it from me!! I wouldn't last any time at all!!

Lazy Daisy said...

and lead us not into temptation...hey if you have to drive you can come my way!

YellowRose said...

One more day!!! I pre ordered mine through Amazon....it says it's coming...It better be!! :)

I'd go nuts knowing that there was a copy right there..I'd have to search for it! lol

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