04 July 2007

Happy B-Day USA

Happy Birthday America. I'm celebrating your day by staying at home and watching the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN (mostly because I'm still home alone). It's Joey Chesnutt vs. Takeru Kobayashi. Ahh Yeah. Should be a great showdown - I wonder who is going to win the "mustard" belt?!? My vote is on the American.


Jennifer said...

Have you SEEN Kobayashi? If he's who I'm thinking of, the man is a hot-dog eating machine!! He's a tiny wiry fella but he can chug 'em down...my jaw dropped the first time I saw him!!
I'm sorry your hubby's not home yet...((HUGS))

jdawg said...

Poor Kobayashi. I read he's having jaw issues. Did he win?

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