16 July 2007

Harry Potter

Tonight Tim and I are meeting up with boy-wonder in the city for an IMAX experience. We've been waiting to see the newest Harry Potter with my brother Andy. I am totally all geared up for an awesome night of Harry magic. This weekend, Tim and I had a HP marathon, re-watching the first four flicks. We wanted to go back through the books but just ran out of time.

We plan on going into the city on Friday, as well, for the final book release. Jim Dale will be at the Barnes and Noble Union Square. Ahh yeah. More on that later.


Christie said...

you guys are so lucky - I'm so jealous! I do want to see the movie - but I would love to hear Jim Dale in person. Hope you guys have a blast.

jdawg said...

what my wife really meant to say but way to nice is YOU ALL SUCK! Have a good time though.

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