11 July 2007

Wednesday Morning Breakfast

You know how breakfast is supposed to start your day off on the right foot? Well, today mine didn't.
Yep. I found this sucker right after taking approximately three big bites. (Then I saw that he had a friend...) So I did what any normal person would do after finding such a thing in their cereal... go to flush my buggy cereal down the toilet. But see, I have this terrible gag reflex anyway, and I am already feeling like I could yack at any time because Mr. Bug may have been having a family reunion or something and I probably swallowed his Aunt Maude and his Cousin Louie. So when I dumped my cereal in the gleaming porcelain basin, it looks as if I've already thrown up. Naturally, my body decides to expel my three bites full and add to the pool party. I'm just hoping that if I did swallow Aunt Maude, she was able to rejoin her family reunion in the end. Ick.

I've brushed my teeth twice now and I still feel really gross. I don't think I'll be eating Special K Red Berry Cereal for a while.


jdawg said...

Is that part of the diet program Special K uses?

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh Barf!

Suzy said...

Heh. That's right, Jeremy. And yes, Ma - I sure did!

Jill said...

You missed out on getting your extra protein for the day!

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