20 August 2007


Wait for it... Wait for it... And... The Summer Reading at my library is now officially over! (Shew! As I'm wiping beads of sweat off of my porous forehead...) Thank God - I've survived another summer. I don't know if anyone realizes just how much work goes into these programs, but all of ya'll better go and thank your local librarian for me.

And now time to brag a bit. I started a new program at my library this year, a "Teen Book Bingo," and signed up 117 kids. Ahh yeah. (The other local library didn't have near as much success, even though their prizes were WAY more expensive. They had about 35 kids sign up.) So, a total of books my teens read (according to the 40+ Bingos turned in) is a bit over 200 books. It's been a busy summer.


Jennifer said...

Suzy, when I worked at the library in high school, the summer reading program was always SCARY! Hordes of kids everywhere, the books all in a mess, and so much extra WORK! Give yourself a pat on the back, girlfriend...I'm impressed!!!

LadyBugCrossing said...

You are a brave soul!!

Congrats on surviving another summer. Our teeny tiny library is always inundated over the summer. It's nice to see all the kids reading, but the poor librarians need valium, large quantities of alcohol, and a bunch of shelf readers come September.

Lazy Daisy said...

Yay You....you survived ....not only that but thrived too! Woo Hoo! You Rock!

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