20 August 2007

Emma's Letter

Hey, so first of all, I'm back! And boy do I have loads to write. And loads of pictures to photoshop and post. But I still am handicapped with this crummy old laptop because my computer is still in the shop. So ya'll may have to wait a bit.

I wanted to share how beautiful and multi talented my sweet little 7-month old niece is... She's so smart, she even wrote me a birthday email. How is that for child prodigy?!?

"Mama told me yesterday that it was your birthday, but she's a little behind on the ball in sending you a happy birthday email -- so I'll step in her place and will send one instead! Now that I'm 7 months old, it's time I start earning my keep! Mama has been really busy this week, but we both sang "happy birthday" to you yesterday. Did you hear us, all the way down in Philly?

I've grown so much since you last saw me. I can sit up all by myself, and clap my hands together. I'm also eating, A LOT. I think I get my appetite and love of food from my mama. My favorites are avocados and bananas. I'm also babbling quite a bit, saying a lot of "mmmmaa" sounds. Maybe I'll be talking soon!

Anyway, I have to get going. Being so little, I only have a bit of an attention span. I love you, and my mama loves you lots too. I hope you had a great birthday.



p.s. Mama says that you're catching up again to her in age, but that she'll pull ahead again in February. When she's 30! (ack)"

Now that is a witty child. In other news, happy birthday to baby brother Andy! My, how old we are all getting!


Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, that Emma is sure growing up fast. I'm jealous that you get emails from her. What a cutie!

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