13 August 2007

Gobilty Gook

Check this out, my buddy Tennessee Celeste sent this to me for some laughs. I used to live in Johnson City, TN. I do miss it. It was a great town.

(I think what really got me the most about this video is the band guy at the end saying "There's a place called Johnson City?!?")

Anyway, my computer is still at the repairman's. I hope it isn't gonna totally break the bank. Especially because Tim and I are leaving Thursday night for Philly for a mini summer vacation. I literally, yesterday, counted out our change jar to see how much was there because we absolutely will still be going on this trip. I M.U.S.T. get away. I need an escape from work, especially. (Unfortunately, that is something I cannot blog about. But someday I will write a book about my drama. It is going to be a national best-seller. But I'll have to publish it as a fiction. You will know the truth, though.)

I've been feeling the need for the return of my old favorite shows. I miss my old escapisms, such as "Weeds," "Survivor," "Desperate Housewives," "Amazing Race..." (The list is a long one.) Anyway, to temporarily ease my loss, I've been filling the void with crappy shows like "Who wants to be a Superhero." Well, at least I got a cool action figure out of the time I've wasted. Here she is, folks... Look at her face... Is it? Is it? Yes. It is I. Suzy is really the Pink Fury. Make one too! (If you do, leave me a link so I meet your inner hero.)

Yesterday Tim and I went into the City to meet up with a dear friend of mine who has just had little twin baby girls. She is such a good mom, too. I was so proud of her. Ann and I worked together as librarians while I was finishing up my masters. She is an inspiration to me. A really cool chick. Anyway, we got to see the girls for the first time and they are gorgeous! They are about 4 months old now and are named Scarlett and Edie. Here is a family photo. We took a stroll through their local garden on the West Side of the city and then went for a walk in Riverside Park (which is really beautiful, btw). It was so great to get to chat with Ann and it was also nice to get to hang out with her, now doubled, family! (Isn't this a cute picture? Edie was giggling at me while Tim was taking the picture. I guess I'm pretty funny lookin'.)

Well, that's all the news I have in me for now.


Lazy Daisy said...

Awww....what a sweet picture of the Ann's family. I hope you sent it to her. So you are the Pink Fury?? I can see that! I always knew you were a superhero!

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