08 August 2007

Let's Go Mets!

Yup. Baby Brother is a HUGE Mets fan. I think he's the biggest fan I know (not that I know many). Andy's birthday is coming up, August the 20th, and so Hubby and I took him to Shea last night for a Met game. Just look at what a sweet face he gave me... Isn't he a cutie pie? What big sister wouldn't want to spoil this kid rotten?

I have to write about how sweet he is, too. (I know that I'm biased, but whatever.) Tim was planning on joining me and Baby Brother later at the game - he had a big World Vision event and got to meet the mayor and police commissioner and whatnot - so I had to ride into Grand Central by myself and meet up with Andy. It's always lonely for me to do this and I really hate doing certain things by myself, being high maintenance and all, so I was a bit bummed. But as soon as I arrived at Grand Central, Andy was waiting for me to get off the train, right by my exit. What a sweet fella. (I know it doesn't sound big, but it was a big deal to me. I SERIOUSLY hate to travel alone. Makes me feel vulnerable or something.)

Anyway, we went to our game and the Mets lost - bummer - but Baby Brother is used to it, so he was okay. Andy is what we call a true Mets fan, he's followed them for years, before their current winning streak. Which brings us to another point: how weird it was to be in a full Shea Stadium! There were so many fans at the game. It was bizarre and exhilarating. Whenever I've gone with Andy before, I usually have to "clone" in fans with photoshop afterwards. Well, if you look at these pictures, I did not even edit them at all. For real, no editing.

While it was nice to be surrounded by fans, Andy and I did have some fan issues. Do you see the loser guy beside Andy? We almost came to blows with him and his icky family. They are what you would call "fair-weather fans" or "split-personality fans," whereas they cheer for whoever is doing well at the time. Now come on. Who does that? Pick a side and get off the fence already. That's incredibly annoying. Especially because these folk were loud. It's fine if you want to cheer for the Braves. Just don't cheer for the Braves AND the Mets. Otherwise, I won't sit by you.

But all in all, we had fun. Baby Brother is going to another game today, too. This time, I hope the Mets win.


Lazy Daisy said...

What cute pictures of both my sweeties. Sorry the Mets lost, but I'm sure Andy is used to it. Glad you had a good time.

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