08 August 2007

The Starbucks Oracle

(Try this... It's hilarious. And OH SO TRUE.) The omniscient Oracle of Starbucks can tell you everything about your personality by what you drink at Starbucks. Simply enter your full drink order -- including size -- into the field below and the all-knowing Oracle will tell you everything about your personality. I'm a "Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino® Light Blended Crème" and proud of it (sometimes I branch out and drink a white tea blend, but that still makes me "high maintenance).
The all-knowing Oracle of Starbucks

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:

Personality type: High Maintenance

You pride yourself on being assertive and direct; everyone else thinks you're bossy and arrogant. You're constantly running your mouth about topics that only you would find interesting. Your capacity for wasting other people's time is limitless. Your friends find you intolerable, that's why they're plotting to kill you.

Also drinks: Water. Bottled, chilled, with four ice cubes, a twist of lemon, in a crystal glass.
Can also be found at: Trendy martini bars


Christie said...

hee hee hee hee - let's see what mine is

Christie said...

mine was so rude, I'm not even going to tell you what he said

Lazy Daisy said...

Hmmm...high maintenance? You???? Well maybe...tee hee!

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