09 September 2007

Catching Up...

Lately, I feel like I am just playing catch up on everything. I'm behind in blogging (my brother let me know this - my faithful reader - thanks kiddo), I'm behind in laundry (thanks Tim for doing it), I'm behind in my correspondence, I'm just behind! What is the cause? It's not that I'm watching a lot of TV or anything (Survivor doesn't come on until the 20th - I'm so excited) and I'm not busy doing doing anything too productive, although I did finish a bit of scrapbooking from a trip we took last February. I don't know the cause of this feeling.

Maybe it is just that it takes me twice as long to do anything on this crappy computer since I STILL am without my trusty Shelia. I can't even begin to go there. We've been without our PC for 4 weeks now. I LOATHE Sony and everything those people stand for. They have severely inconvenienced me AND my readers. That's all I've got to say about that. Poor Tim has had to be the mediator between me and the idiots who are fixing the computer. Pray for him. Really.

Maybe I'm behind because I've had to keep cleaning my dang house due to real estate walk-throughs and new buyers. Yes, this place finally sold and the new owners signed on Thursday to purchase our apartment / three family house. They just moved in yesterday. "They" are a young Irish couple who are expecting their first in January. I haven't spoken to them yet because I'm just kinda shy about neighbors, I guess. These are the people who will probably at some point hear my singing in my shower or me talking to my cats. I've been prolonging the introduction also because I want them to like me! Isn't that sad? I'm having serious issues on this.

I could be feeling behind because this has been a month of birthdays? I still haven't quite recovered from all of them. (Tim's is still coming up on the 16th...) I even forgot to say Happy Birthday to the oldest fish I know, Mr. Fishy. I bought Mr. Fishy for my little brother right before I left for college 10 years ago this September. He was a tiny little goldfish then. He is now a giant goldfish with the longest goldfishy life I've ever even heard of. A fish that has lasted 10 years. Incredible. Now, THAT is worth blogging about. I can't believe I missed his birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. Fishy. You are a survivor.

I may possibly be feeling behind because I left the country yesterday. I went all international. (Well, not really. I wanted to mention this visit in my post and this was a good way to introduce it.) I visited the UN building yesterday. They give tours in the summer before they go back in session and so Tim and I took a trip to the city to visit. When you are inside the UN, you are actually on international territory, so technically, I really did leave the country yesterday. It was very interesting! We got to see all the different meeting rooms and hear all about what goes on in a typical day. Of course we took lots of pictures, but since I am still without my computer, you will have to wait for photos of the visit. I am SERIOUSLY behind on photos.

Well, I'm trying to catch up. Just see me spin...


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