10 September 2007


Warning: this post may sound slightly pissy. I'm home alone, I'm bored and lonely, and nobody wants to talk (or they are too busy...). Tim is up in Michigan setting up an exhibit for World Vision and I sitting at home, dialing friends and eating nutella bread. I'm thinking of joining a local club or something. I just need a bit of color and camaraderie. Well reader, you'll just have to do for now. (Not that you are second rate or anything - I just need some interaction right now!)

So, today was a ballsy day at the library. My boss and I were chatting with a cool girl that works sometimes as a page at the library and this lady who was sitting at a nearby table came up and actually shushed us! Some crazy lady actually shushed the two librarians. I was so flabbergasted that I was speechless. What do you say in a situation such as that? And my boss didn't hear what the lady said and so I had to repeat it, which just made the situation doubley hilarious to me. I can't believe how gutsy people are up here. NY is such a "me-centered" place.

Speaking of gutsy, I was totally asked out on a date by this guy today at the library - uh, bizarre. This kind of stuff only happens, of course, when Tim is away and when no one is around to tell. (And I tried to tell Tim about it on the phone a little while ago, but he had to go, which completely ruined my story. He was the main person I wanted to tell, too, because I want him to know that his wifey still has "got game!" And don't judge me reader, because you would do the same thing - be honest.) Anyway, this guy had been in before with his little niece and he came back today with false pretenses to pick out books for her (which is a creepy thing to do - and even creepier that he admitted to it). And so when he finally asked what he intended, I was again speechless and it was all I could do to keep from giggling at him. Why don't guys look first (at the ring hand) and ask second? It would save people some embarrassment. At least this time he wasn't scary looking. One would think that working in a children's library, you wouldn't have to deal with that. Oh well.

Off the subject, I still don't have my computer back. Grr. And double Grrr. Also, it has been getting darker sooner and I have no desk lamp or over-head light in my office. Grr.

Did I mention that I'm lonesome and no one wants to talk on the phone? If you know my phone number and you want to chit-chat tonight, please call me! How is that for desperate? Otherwise I'll be watching cheesy Meg Ryan movies all night and eating lots of chocolate. (Really.) And I promise that if you call, I won't be a sour-puss.


LadyBugCrossing said...

Hey Suzy!
I'd call but I don't have your number... You could even be a sour puss on the phone and I wouldn't care!
Enjoy the chocolate!! Have a Nutella bread for me, k?

Jennifer said...

I would love to talk on the phone...but I can't! Do you text? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I feel terrible! Sorry I didn't have much time to talk and that you had to listen to the crazy ex-wife story. You know how I am once I get going. I would have loved hearing about the guy asking you out...teehee
Tennessee Celeste

Christie said...

you're so great - your pissy posts are the best. It was good to talk to you last night. Hope today is a sunshiny sort of day. Love you!

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