15 October 2007

Monday Mosaic

So here is my week in review (shortened because I am gonna watch Chuck).

My week (last Sunday) started out with a visit from my incredible father-in-law. I hope everyone has such an incredible person in their lives. (He is pictured at the top right - the one with the googly eyes.) Anyway, he was up here for a business trip, so I got to spend some time with him Sunday and Monday morning, since Monday was a holiday for me - Columbus Day. I never used to have Columbus Day off before. Maybe it is because I live in a highly Italian populated area? No complaints here, but it is an odd day to celebrate.

Tuesday afternoon was a blast. Tim and I met up in the city to go to the Colbert Report. I've been itching to go for ages now, so it was a great adventure. We had to get there early to get in because they purposely over-book every show and we were determined to get in this time (yes, we tried unsuccessfully before). It was an amazing show and we even got Colbert's new book. Then we went out for yummy cheese steaks. I tell ya, Tim and I are hooked on those now, ever since our visit to Philly.

I've been decorating for Halloween lately. Tim and I are gonna have a Halloween Murder Mystery party this year. I'm really excited about it. I just finished decorating in the hallway, hence the loads of googly eyed pictures. More on that later...

Saturday was a mention worthy day as well. I went to Book Expo at the New York Public Library again this year. This time, Lois Lowry was the keynote speaker (last year was M.T. Anderson - he was AMAZING). Well, Lois kinda sucked compared to him, even though she is the more literarily prolific author. She is the author of gems such as The Giver, Number the Stars, the Gooney Bird Green series, and countless other classics. As a librarian, I was thrilled at the opportunity to go see her. But I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in her author talk and in meeting her. She was totally arrogant and basically kind of bitchy! Her whole talk was about banned books and her reading old fan letters from kids and showing old pictures of herself. I was really expecting more. And what really chaffed my hide was when I was having her sign my book, I asked her about her new series that I love, the Gooney Bird books, which are totally Punky Brewsterish. And chick blows me off! And it wasn't even because there was much of a line of people to have books signed. So, she can be her own biggest fan cause that wasn't cool.

Other than her though, I had a good time. And afterward, Tim and I went to the Mars 2112 Bar. Totally cheesy and totally fun. I'll write more about it later. Chuck is on!


Jennifer said...

Suzy, I love the pictures!! The first thing I thought of was,
"My, my, what big eyes you have!"
"All the better to see you with, my dear!!" ;)
The pic of you and Tim in the middle is adorable!!
And you DO know that your mom is the GREATEST...right? :)

Donna said...

Just wanted to pop in and commiserate with you about how much it stinks that Lois Lowry is arrogant...I had heard this before, and also sensed this from what little there is at her website. The Giver changed my life, so I was secretly hoping this couldn't be the case, but alas...anyway, just know you're not alone in children's librarian land in mourning the arrogance of Ms. Lowry :(

Suzy said...

Thanks Jen! Hope you are having a blast in Savannah. I'm seriously jealous!

Donna, I couldn't agree more. I really loved The Giver as well, and Number the Stars is just absolutely beautiful. It was such a disappointment to see her act that way. It's terrible, but it really taints her writing for me! I hate authors that share their fan letters! Those are so personal and private. Lowry is just plain tacky.

Susan said...

Oh my goodness...I was supposed to go see her down here in a couple of weeks...and I didn't buy my ticket. I'm SO GLAD now. I'm sorry she was like that with you (or with anyone). These people so forget what an impact they make through their work sometimes. That's sad.

Love the pics, by the way.

:-) Susan

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