22 October 2007

Monday's Mosaic

Oh yeah. This was an entertaining weekend. Tim and I drove up to Salem, Massachusetts - home of the famous 1692 Witch Trials - for a Halloween adventure. I have to say, this town knows how to do Halloween! I'll post the pictures onto Flikr soon, I've just been so busy with work and planning our own Halloween party that I've not had much extra time. We had a blast, though.

Salem was beautiful. We had an amazing weekend as far as weather goes; it was downright warm but everything was covered in fall colors. Window boxes were full of beautiful mums and pumpkins adorned every doorstep. And there was witch stuff literally EVERYWHERE! Everything had some witchy connection... It was like visiting Harry Potter's Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley or something, with restaurants called "The Witch's Brew" and shops called "The Broom Closet." It was incredible. And touristy. I loved it.

One of our favorite things we did this weekend was visit Nathaniel Hawthorne's "House of the Seven Gables." They had an incredible October night time event called "The Legacy of the Hanging Judge" where the great great grandfather of Hawthorne, magistrate John Hathorne, interrogates you. (It was a walk through the house, with actors in each room telling his story and why he was called "the hanging judge.") Lucky me, I was the one the scary judge chose to interrogate! Yeah, I'm really glad I didn't live during those times because they totally would have found me guilty of "writing in the devil's book." Not that I'm a witch or anything, it's just that I have a serious problem with reacting inappropriately. When the judge interrogated / screamed at me, I had a fit of giggles. Wha?!? I have no clue as to why my body reacted like that, but it was completely uncontrollable! I felt like such a dang spaz. But it was a really great show.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE the pictures...and am glad you had such a fun weekend with your sweetie!! I have always wondered what Salem was like...I loved reading your account :)

Christie said...

I'm pretty sure my eyes just turned several shades greener. ;)

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