05 October 2007

Most Delicious

Today for lunch I am having the most amazing concoction: I call it "Golden Butter Crunch." It is a mixture of Golden Grahams and Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal. I can't take the creds for this mix, however (just for that great name). My brilliant hubby came up with this delicacy a couple of weeks ago at this cool restaurant called Cereality, where you can combine cereals and candy to make a seriously fattening but yummy meal (Tennessee Celeste calls it "food porn"). Well, mine isn't quite what Tim's was - his included Grapenuts, Malt Balls, and something else - but boy I tell ya it is good. Try a bowl of it - you won't regret it. I should totally trademark that jive.


Jennifer said...

I saw that restaurant on TV not too long ago...on Food Network, perhaps? What a cool idea! And Tim's combo sounds absolutely delicious...I'll have to try it!

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