27 October 2007

Murder She Wrote

Tonight is the night. Yes siree, tonight is the annual Halloween party! It's been so long since my last Halloween party, so I'm pretty nervous about this one. I can't help it - I channel Martha Stewart with these kind of things. (Have you been wondering where I've been, dear reader? I've been party planning!) This year is going to be a murder mystery dinner party, "Clue" themed, which is perfect for the number of people who are coming. Everyone has a suspect role and an appropriate "Clue" inspired name.

The invitations are smooth this year. Here is a snapshot of what they look like. (Now, if I have party crasher because I'm posting this... well...)

Anyway, I should have some cute pictures coming your way soon, blogosphere. I promise.


Ruth said...

I hope you have a wonderful party, I wish I could join you.

Jennifer said...

You smart thing...I LOVE the invitations! If I lived closer, you bet I woulda crashed! ;)
I can't wait to see pictures!!

Lazy Daisy said...

I would have come as Mrs. White, the family cook! Hope it was a great success Miss Scarlet!

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