04 November 2007

Frog in my Throat

It's official. It has been official all day long and yesterday too. I'm sick. "I've got chills - they're multiplying." Uh hmm, I know... Enough with the cheesy antidotes. It's just that my brain is addled by the 100 degree fever I've been running. The good side is that Tim is home and he thinks I look cute in my Star Wars t-shirt, fuzzy slippers, giant quilt wrap, and flannel Strawberry Shortcake pants. He also likes that I can only whisper because my voice is so totally gone. Oh yeah, I'm quite the hotty right now. (But only literally.)


jdawg said...

So sorry you are sick. I was sick this weekend too and let me tell no sympathy from no one. Enjoy it while it last! Hope you feel better!

Barbie Girl said...

Hope you feel better!

andrew kerr said...

Well Suzers - so long as that fever doesn't end you up in the hospital and they remove an organ, you will be doing better than me! This was a Halloween that I will never forget. I started the day fully "organ"-ized (oh man... you liked that one, didn't you?) and by that evening, I was missing my appendix. What fun! Would MUCH rather have been at your gathering... Get well thoughts and hugs to you, sweetheart.

Christie said...

much love Suzy Q, hope you are better soon!

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