02 April 2007

Dang April Fools...

I love the beginning of April. I especially love April Fool's Day. But this year was no fun - I miss my fellow partner in crime, my buddy Tennessee Celeste. You know, for a good solid prank, you MUST have a partner in crime (hence the great partnerships of history - Bonnie and Clyde and so forth...). You can't really bask in the hilariousness of trickery unless someone else knows of your wrong doing. You just can't. So this post is for you Celeste. And boy, we coulda really gotten some people with this one! Here's to "broken-down beer trucks that are giving away free ones" and fuzz-ball mice in people's chairs. (Link to the Fairy Mummy)


Barbie Girl said...

That thing sort of looks like the spawn of the mothman from around here. Gross.

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