01 May 2007

This Weekend

Well, after a busy weekend of having guests, the place is all quiet again. Juno, my kitty, keeps walking around and doing her forlorn cry meow. I guess she is wondering where everybody went! She was just starting to get used to my momma loving on her. (Now she is all "needy.")

It was so great to have family around for the weekend! I get so envious of some of the families up here that all live near each other and have barbeque's and whatever. It's hard when your family lives in so many scattered places. And as it was, we were not ALL together even. My big sis, her hubby and new baby weren't here with us (but I'll get to see them soon, thankfully - mid June). So reader, if your family lives nearby - be thankful!

Anyways, you can read a more thorough overview of all of our exploits here at my moms site and you can see pictures of our visit here on my flikr, too. We took my folks (pictured above) to some cool places in both NYC and Westchester. We went, on Saturday, to the Van Cortlandt Manor for the historical hands on weekend and then to the Croton Dam and to a fun local ice cream place called The Blue Pig. Then we went into the city to explore Fifth Avenue. We met up with baby brother Andy and had fun going into lots of touristy places - everything from the Trump Tower to St. Patrick's Cathedral to FAO Schwarz. It was a great day, but the funniest (and most blogworthy in my eyes) part of the whole day was the way we were treated at John's Pizza!

John's is this cool little pizza parlor in-between all of the Broadway venues. It's pretty well known as a touristy destination. Anyway, the family of Andy's boss owns the place. Andy got all cute and cocky about how he'd get us a table without a wait. And I thought yeah, okay - we'll see. So we get there and the place is totally packed. And we wait for about 20 minutes to get seated. I was thinking to myself "Some connection..." and just as I'm thinking this, the girl who is seating us starts apologizing profusely and saying "I am SO sorry! They didn't tell me who you were!" And "We saved you guys the best booth in the restaurant." How funny is that?!? I was pretty impressed with my little bro. Apparently he's somebody!

Sunday we went to the NY Botanical Gardens. It was gorgeous as always. And it was a good opportunity to get a year membership! So, Tim and I have vowed to go once a month, at least in the summer months, to make it a worthwhile purchase. I think I can handle that. This girl needs a garden, and since I'm now a member, it's like I have somewhat of an ownership in the gardens. It's true. I know it subconsciously, even. While we were strolling around this Sunday, I tripped on a mount of earth and into a flowerbed. I was pretty embarrassed, but instead of voicing a dirty word, I said "I'm a member." Heh. Like, that will show 'em. Also, as a member, I get a discount at the gift store. Maybe that means Tim might buy me this beautiful hat that was so terribly expensive! (Hey, I can dream, right?)

It was a fun weekend. Now, back to the daily grind.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

So happy that you had a great time with your parents, Tim and Andy!! I get them next!! your parents that is!! They will be here this coming Sunday!! YESSSSSSS!!!! Momma and I have a GREAT TIME!! The highlight of my life!! Sandy

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