12 July 2007

My Friend Ann

These are pictures of my friend Ann and her newish daughters, Scarlett and Edie. Cute, eh? We're both children's librarians, so when I saw these onesies - I just HAD to buy them for her! (Isn't Ann so beautiful?!? She glows!)

So, I think that Thing 1 is Edie and Thing 2 is Scarlett. In Ann's letter, she said this "I'm convinced that Edie looks like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers though--with the bald head and brown eyes--or like mini-me." Heh. What do you think, reader? Regardless, these cute little ones are going to be child prodigies. Ann is one smart cookie. I can't wait to meet her daughters in person!


Anonymous said...

Suzy-I'm flattered to make the pages of your awesome blog! People so LOVE the things 1 & 2-and yes, Edie is thing 1 as she was firstborn, and Scar-Scar is thing 2.

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