04 August 2007

The Week-In-Review

So, it is already Saturday. This was such a short week for me. I guess because it was action-packed. I never really had time to write and catch-up on all the things that have been going on. Sorry ya'll. So here a taste of what has kept me so busy...

* Last Saturday, my Uncle Ashton passed away. He was a really cool guy. I don't know many other fearless 95 year olds who have taught themselves how to use the computer and who like to hang out at the local cafes (or actually "cafeterias"). Ashton was one of a kind. And he had some fantastic travel stories. I admired him. (He was actually my GREAT uncle by marriage, so we weren't really related closely, but I definitely claim him.) He will be missed. His funeral was on Tuesday down in Texas (where pretty much everyone in the Mister's family lives). We weren't able to go to it because of time constraints and finances and whatnot, and that was pretty hard on us. It's tough when you don't get the chance to say goodbye.

* Another reason that I haven't been in a writing mood is because of my stupid cat. He is a punk and a half. When we bought our computer, it came with a really cool wireless keyboard that was super sleek and folded away and was just plain cool. Anyway, last weekend as I was sitting at the computer working on photos, with a tall glass of h2O, when all of the sudden my ridiculous cat sprang up (out of nowhere) and overturned my cool beverage onto the keyboard, thus frying it beyond repair. And believe me, I DID try to repair it! I broke out the screwdrivers and pried that bad boy apart, but to no avail. It's just no fun blogging on a foreign computer, so I waited till I could get a new keyboard. And I still can't believe how difficult it's been to find a suitable replacement. Punk cat.

* It's been HOT here. I guess I can't complain too much, because it has been a relatively nice summer, but this week has been HOT. So HOT that I have what I think is a heat rash. Right along my brassiere line, too. That's not an acceptable area to publicly scratch. Not unless you're in Quebec. (And I'm not just idly slamming on Quebec... I noticed when we were there that people were scratching and adjusting all kinds of things in all kinds of places, appropriate and inappropriate.) Well, other than covering myself in baby powder, what is a girl to do?

* I have literally been out and busy every night this week. It's almost like I'm avoiding something, eh? Monday night was going to the movies - we saw Transformers. It was seriously cheesy but decent. Tuesday night was the night Little Brother came over. We ate Taco Bell (his fave) and watched spy movies. Wednesday night is the night I work late. Thursday night was a social gathering with the ladies from work at a kind of garden party at one of the houses. We all had lots of sangria and conversation. Interesting. And last night I had a hot date with my Mister - dinner, bookstore, and the movies (again!). We saw The Bourne Ultimatum, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Jason Bourne = Yummy. The only thing I somewhat disliked was all of the shaky camera angles. Sure it makes you feel like you are part of the action, but it is also very annoying when you can't see half of what is going on. Still, a great action flick (and what planet would you be from if you didn't want to see Matt Damon flex a bit of muscle?!?).

* I'm trip planning again! For my b-day, the Mister is taking me on a long weekend to Philly! I am so excited. Our buddy J got us a great deal on a hotel (he formerly worked for Sheraton) and we are going to be staying in the old historic part of town at a really nice place, within walking distance to the Liberty Bell and whatnot. Philly is a two hour drive from here and has been on our list for forever and now we are finally getting to go. So far, I have a couple of things we plan on checking out, but if anyone has any ideas, I would oh so welcome them. I just found out about this and this and this...

So, that's all the news fit to print right now. I sorta feel caught up. Do you?


Jennifer said...

It sounds like you've been busy!! Pitiful cat...but I must admit that I've fried my own keyboards in the past...no cats required. Pepsi will ruin a keyboard beyond any hope of repair.
When's your birthday? I wish I could recommend something but I don't know Philly at all (I would love to go there someday!).

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Your weeks are filled like mine, busy busy busy. i suppose that you mom told you that Elwyn Caldwell passed away this past Friday. We are so sad and I know you mom and dad are taking it hard. The funeral is this monday. i am so sad for Betty. She has lost two sisters now and of course now her husband!! I just cannot imagine how she must be feeling...Sandy

jdawg said...

when you get to the hotel take the comforter off...they never wash these. sorry if this is news for some but I believe in passing this information on...it could just save your life...or least prevent feeling itching and wondering who last slept in the bed. have a great time and see you soon!

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