24 September 2007


Breaking news - my friends Rachel and Chris are moving back home to the states from South Africa. (Well, it's not really breaking news now. In blog etiquette, you wait for the person to post his/her own news first and THEN you are allowed to post it. I had to wait until Chris finally wrote about it. Slowpoke.) Anyways, I am really happy that they will be state-side. I loved being able to call Rach whenever I needed to chat. I seriously hate that 3 second delay in our voices whenever we talk now and I hate that they are (what is it?) 6 hours time difference. Arg. It would have been really cool to have been able to visit them in SA, but now I'll get to visit them in Arizona! Anyways, keep them in your thoughts as they will have to "start over" once again. They plan on being here in January.


Chris Holohan said...

In missionary etiquette you can't blog about something big until your newsletter has gotten to your sponsors. I wasn't slow, just following the rules. Just following the rules.

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