29 September 2007

Philly Photos

I've been sick at home for a few days (and you would think that I would blog about it... I don't know - I feel like my well is dry or something...) so I've been working on cleaning up my Philadelphia pictures. I have a ton of them. This one I thought turned out especially well. It's a tiny Liberty Bell from a souvenir shop. I don't know - I think I like the coloring of it or something. So check out my Flikr page if you want to see more Philly pics. Or you can wait until I've uploaded all of them and THEN look. It's up to you.

Oh, and one more thing... When I was working on this picture (the money shot) my photo editor got pissy at me and may have reported me to the Feds. Oh great. So I'm sick with a rotten cold and now I may even be in trouble with the law. I guess it thought I was trying to make counterfeit bills or something (because my face really looks like Alexander Hamilton's obviously). So heed this as a warning to all you who use Paint Shop Pro: this is a covert and highly intelligent spying program. If I didn't like the program so much, I would totally discontinue using it - Librarians and Federal Officials don't mix (the Patriot Act and whatnot). Anyways, the picture remains unedited due to the fact that I cannot even open the jpeg file.

Ugg. I gotta go blow my nose.


Christie said...

I'm sorry you're sick Suzy Q. I hope you're feeling much better soon. Man, we gotta talk. I always knew you were headed for trouble with the law. :) heh, heh, heh

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