11 October 2007

TV Grrrl

Yup, so I am the loser who watches a lot of TV. I totally blame it on my circumstances. And yes, I do need some extra-curriculars. (Hopefully, I'll be taking a beginners quilting class soon - yes, really.) Anyway, I wanted to mention something about two new TV shows that I am really enjoying; Chuck and Pushing Daisies. If you haven't seen either of these, you are seriously missing out!

Chuck is an average joe who works at a "Buy More" in the "Nerd Herd" as a computer techy guy. He gets this (completely unbelievable but cheesy-cute enough to make you want to go along with the plot) email download from an old college friend/adversary who now works for the government. When Chuck opens the download, he is bombarded with a database of government secrets that all get programed into his head. So now, he has to help two agents who are assigned to him to fight crime and whatnot. It's like a really cute version of Alias plus Ed. I love it. And I love the fact that they don't try so hard to make something believable that clearly isn't.

The other amazing new show is Pushing Daisies. This one is so dang cute that it is actually physically painful for me. It's like watching Ewan McGregor give his sheepish grin while standing in a field of daffodils to impress his lady in the movie Big Fish. (I love that part.) It is a visual masterpiece - it is like Suzy Land if I could ever put it into film. And it is funny in that Amelie way. If you haven't seen this, you really ought to. Shame on you if you haven't.

It's about another seemingly average guy named Ned who owns a pie shop (called the "Pie Hole") and has this secret ability of being able to touch something dead and bring it back to life. In the first episode, he finds out that the love of his life, the only girl he'd ever kissed, who moved away when he was 10, has passed away. He goes to see her before her funeral and revives her, but he can never touch her again or else she'll die again. And of course this seems so very morbid, but it is incredibly adorable because they'll do things like hold their own hands behind their back, imagining that they are holding each others hands. Ned has also revived his old dog and can never pet him. He uses a back-scratcher to give his dog attention. And I know I am butchering the show by even speaking about it. It is just something that you have to watch. So go watch it! (You can watch full episodes on ABC online.)


Susan said...

I watched the previews for Pushing Daisies and never realized that Kristen Chenoweth was in it. I LOVE HER! What a great snippet...now I'll have to add that to my weekly viewing.

:-) Susan

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