28 November 2007

Goodbye Cruel World

I've always wanted to say that... I just got home (9:00pm) after a LONG crazy busy day and was seriously not thrilled to see flashing lights all around my homestead - I doubt anyone likes to see such. Apparently, there is a gas leak on the street. Nice. (And what is that, Tim? We still don't have renters insurance?) So, after persuading the cop to let me park in my driveway (Yes, Mr. Policeman, I live on the gassy street), I've come upstairs to write a farewell blog. If my house does happen to blow up tonight, just know that I am taking these last precious moments to write the world a farewell. And now I'm off to watch a cheesy movie, eat a chocolate cupcake, and cuddle with my kitties as my final acts.


Jennifer said...

*waving frantically* Goodbye, Suzy!!!
(OK, now, you know I hope that everything turns out OK....I wouldn't like hearing about a gas leak either!!!)
Glad you made it back home safely!! *hugs*

Lazy Daisy said...

If you lived, call your mother!

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