12 November 2007

My Hero

Yuck! That's what I said when I saw my guy come home looking like a tanned hairy goth dude. (He looked like he was wearing eyeliner...) Well, the truth is in this picture, he's just plain dirty. And I mean FILTHY! Even after he showered from this point, he maintained the eyeliner look for a day or two later.

Wondering what my guy is doing rolling around in the muck?

He just moved the Worldvision Storehouse! I can't even tell you how proud I am of him. (But I'll try!) He has been working seriously hard for the past three months getting everything in order for this big move, kind of like a scene from the TV show the Apprentice (without the million dollar job and fancy car waiting for him at the end). He basically had to arrange everything from real estate to phone lines, furniture to pallet racking, architects to office space, and even all the financial dealings. And then physically move 1300 pallets of product to the new building, just him and his small crew and some volunteers. They moved out of their 35,000 square foot former-ship-building-turned-warehouse into a shiny clean and freshly drywalled and painted 46,000 square foot building (with skylights!). The new place is beautiful. I'm seriously proud of the hard work Tim has put into this project and I'm glad that he has such an awesome crew of folks that have helped make this a reality. I guess I'll have to bake something for the grand reopening!

(So if you see my tired guy, give him a hug and tell him how cool he is. I tell him all the time, but he thinks I'm biased.)


Christie said...

Way to go Tim. And I know you were sick on top of all the manual labor. You rock!

Brandon said...

Glad my bride has such a cool boss....

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