25 December 2007

Christmas Day

Well, it's been a lazy Christmas day. Heck, I am still in my pj's - I never left them. I've spent the day playing with pictures, making dysfunctional ginger-people, and watching Christmas movies. It's been great.

I originally planned this year to make a "homie" Christmas village to rival the Charles Dickens version my mother has. (Homies are these completely NOT p.c. little plastic figurines that you can buy in quarter machines at the grocery store.) Well, I have a nice little collection of them and they need a Christmas village. I never got around to it this year, but I fully intend to next year. Anyway, instead of the homie village, I gave the ginger-people a winter scene. Here are a few fun pictures... I tried to be productive today. It just didn't happen.


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