19 December 2007

Snowed In

Oh man. It's been a long day / week / month / year... (Pick one - any will do.) I have been frantically working on all the Christmassy things - ie. cards, presents, parties, etc. - and I am pooped. It's a good thing that hubby and I are staying here this Christmas. I thought this Over The Rhine song was completely appropriate for how I feel right now (although, I almost posted "All I ever get for Christmas is Blue" and that would have worked too). So, I guess I'd better check the forecast...
Snowed In With You (by Over the Rhine)

When you come home
And all the world's asleep
I'll close my eyes
And breathe with sweet relief

This world has had you
Long enough for now
And when I get you home
I'll show you how...

I wanna get snowed in with you
I wanna shake off these winter blues
These ain't no blues that I can use
And when the lights are gleaming
I'll be leaning into you
What's a girl to do?

I wanna get snowed in with you
I'm gonna make every effort to
Be so good to you
That when the snow melts away
You'll want to stay
Snowed in with me

Till it's time to take down the tree
And it's all I really need baby
To be alone awhile with you
What's a girl to do?

Drift with me
While we're still awake
Every new snowflake
Is like a wish we make
Dream with me
Leave your cares far behind
Is all love snowblind?
Let me awake in time to find
That I'm snowed in with you


Lazy Daisy said...

You may get your wish. Miss you!

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