23 December 2007

Who Needs Flowers?!? And Andy is Here, So Merry Christmas.

Okay, thank you to my little fan club (who never comment on my blog - just comment in person). I'll give you a taste of what you've been missing. Thanks for missing me. I'm sorry for the sparse lackluster posts lately. I've just been busy with Christmas decorating, cookie making, shopping, mailing, and whatnot. It wears a person out. But I'm back.

First off, Timmy and I took some great pictures two weekends ago when we went to the NY Botanical Gardens. Yes, it is the dead of winter and there is snow on the ground and no there are no flowers. But we needed a good winter photo to send out with our Christmas cards (which will all be late because no post office carried the Christmas stamps and you just can't send Christmas cards out with a stupid liberty bell on them, you know what I mean?!?). Well, I just fixed the pictures we took that day, so they are on Flickr now. See them here. There is an array of goodness, from the train show to gingerbread houses. We try to make a tradition of seeing the Train Show at least every other year. It's THAT cool. And the gingerbread house display is usually really great. There were two of them this year that were worth photographing. The others weren't worth their frosting. (I hope you laughed at that, because I thought that was pretty funny.) Speaking of gingerbread, Tim and I took a cool picture that I want to share with you reader. I like it. I call it A Gingerbread House of Our Own.

While we are talking gingerbread, baby brother (and captain of my fan club) Andy is here now and we are planning on making gingerbread men tonight. We started his visit off right by having Taco Bell (his idea) and watching Christmas Vacation, a Bennetch family Christmas staple. It is gonna be fun having him hang out for the holidays. We are planning to go into the city tomorrow to see the 5th Ave. lights, watch lots of Christmas movies, have a Christmas spiral-cut ham, and play Christmas games. I am just oh so Christmasy. Eat your heart out.

Well, to help put you in a Christmasy mood, let me leave you with just one more Christmas picture... This was my theatrical debut - as the Christ child. (Yes, Joseph and the Inn Keeper DID wear plaid shirts back then, didn't you know that?)


andrew kerr said...

OH MY! I do believe the card we sent had the stupid "Liberty Bell" on it! Oops! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU BOTH!

Suzy said...

It's okay, Andrew - I still love you. I think my being a stamp nazi comes from my childhood collection of stamps. I used to look forward to getting the yearly stamp album every Christmas! (I'm such a dweeb, I know.)

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