03 January 2008


You know, there are a few people in my life that I can have a short conversation with and I just feel like my spirits have been lifted. (There are also a few that have the reverse effect upon me!) And sometimes I don't even need to talk with these folks, they can just send me a quick email or toss me a little smile and I immediately feel better about myself and the world around me. I love those kind of people. The world needs more people like that.

I'm sure this post sounds kind of random, so I'll focus on my point here. I've been thinking about these people in my life that have such a profound effect upon me, good AND bad, and I need to make a conscious decision to rid myself of those rotten apples and focus on the people who bring me up. And you know, I also need to be one of those people who brings others up. I received three notes this past week that really encouraged me, just about little things, and these notes seemed to clear a fog that's been hanging over my head. How powerful is that?!?

This year if I am going to make any kind of resolutions, it would be that I want to become a person that has a positive effect on people. I want to be an encourager and a motivator. I want to send somebody a note and have their world cleared of the fog that is daily life. I want to be that person. (And thank you to my note writers - I know that two of you read my blog! You are encouragers and you make me smile when I think of you. And that is a legacy.)


Lazy Daisy said...

I had to giggle at the picture for this post....poor kitty. Good for you. You already are a positive example for the kids you encounter every day. You go girl!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Suzy, I have only met you once and it was for a really short time...but of course i know your parents and you are probably already an encourager and motivator and just do not know it!! I always enjoy your posts. Someday maybe i will get to meet you and Tim.


Jennifer said...

Suzy, you already DO have a positive effect on this girl...I rarely ever leave your blog without a smile! Thanks for being you...you're a rare jewel! :)

LadyBugCrossing said...

You brighten my day every day you post.
I hope I can bring 1/10th the joy into your life that you bring to mine.

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