05 February 2008


Today, work REALLY sucked. I won't go into details of course, but from now on, this is my mantra. It's all about me. I just can't be so sensitive to tacky people, you know? They obviously don't care about me, so why should I bother with them? They aren't the ones that end up losing sleep about it.

Whatever. Tomorrow, I'm having girl time with a friend. And I know that this particular mean person (who has clearly affected my day) has no friends. AND, I know that this person would never be invited to a fashion show at Fashion Week in the city. So there, mean person. I'm going to play with a girlfriend tomorrow at a fashion show and you have no friends at all. (This person naturally would never read my blog, but it makes me feel better to write all this - and besides, it's all about me anyway.)


Barbie Girl said...

It SHOULD be all about you.

Have fun tomorrow with the fashions and the girlfriend. I'm way jealous.

Ruth said...

I hope you're having a good time in the city. Don't worry about that mean person too much, just remember: Try to tell the truth and stand your ground.
Don't let the bastards get you down,

andrew kerr said...

You forgot that it is all about ME, but since you are my good friend and you are having a crappy day, I'll share! Have a great time with all the fashions... after all, you are my favorite fashionista! Take care and call me soon... I left a message on your hubby's cell the other day and no call yet... :-(

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