15 February 2008

NYC Fashion Week '08

I owe my readers a post on Fashion Week still!

Two Wednesdays ago, my friend Emily got us tickets, from her friend who works for Y and Kei, to go to a show during Fashion Week. As a huge fan of Ugly Betty and a total tourist, of course I've always wanted to attend Fashion Week. I just never knew how to get in. (Basically, you have to "know" someone.) Anyway, we both had to work that day, so the plan was to meet for breakfast in the city, go to the show, and then head back.

We had breakfast at this ultra cool French provincial restaurant near Bryant Park and then headed over to the show, which was actually inside the NY Public Library (instead of in the tents in Bryant Park). I was slightly bummed about that, but the way Y and Kei set up their show inside the Library conference room was really neat. There was this sleek black and white look to everything. Really, it was the quintessential fashion show, everything I thought it would be. Complete with goodie bags full of M.A.C. makeup and everything (I'm sure that isn't what they are called, but for my purpose it works...).

About the designers, "Y & Kei was created by Korean husband and wife couple Hanni Yoon (Y) and Gene Kang (Kei). Debuting in 2001, they are known for intricate and innovative women’s wear designs that combine Asian philosophy with a sexy European edge. Their styles represent their Buddhist beliefs, and they channel fashion as a way of ‘‘watering the earth and nourishing the world with beauty and happiness’’. Their Zen-like Soho store showcases neutral featherweight dresses, perfectly-tailored full skirts with delicate embroidery in pastel hues, ultra feminine beaded gowns, delicate sheer blouses and slim Bermuda shorts. Y & Kei is worn by celebrities including Carmen Electra, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Pink and Courtney Love." (New York Post) Check out their site - www.yandkei.com.

The funniest thing about the experience was Emily and I weren't by ourselves at this fashion show. My coworker Mary has a niece that had to do a project with Flat Stanley (it's a kids book about a flat character who travels). She asked me to bring along Flat Stanley and take a couple of pictures with him in the city for her niece's project. Let me tell you, Stanley is a crowd pleaser. Everywhere I went with Stanley, I got some kind of response. I had so many people offer to hold Stanley for me that I wasn't sure if it was Stanley who was so popular or me! I'll take that fellow anywhere though. He really made me feel "cool" for the day.

So there it is, my fun experience at Fashion Week. Tim was sure happy to get to skip out on this one!


Lazy Daisy said...

Ok, now I am jealous of Flat Stanley and your fashion show. It was definitely you that was the post popular. Love ya.

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