18 February 2008

Quebec City Photos

I've uploaded all of our pictures from the Quebec City visit finally. You can see them by going here. (If you've already looked, go back and look again - I've added a few more...)

We had a blast. It was the 400 anniversary of this carnival, so there were more people, I guess. We did all kinds of crazy things, like having a flapjack breakfast with the Calgary Mounties, snow rafting, playing in a life-sized game of foosball, watching a canoe race across the icy St. Lawrence River, eating French delicacies, seeing the international snow sculpting contest, drinking Caribou out of ice cups, and even trying to speak the little bit of French we knew. We had some down times, too, like when Tim got really sick on the eggs he ate and ended up smelling up the bathroom pretty bad in our tee tiny room. That wasn't too fun. But he got better and now I know that I will always carry matches in my over-night bag. Lesson learned. And another lesson I learned is that my boots are NOT water/snow proof. And the next time I visit a place where there is over 6 feet of snow and the temperature is somewhere between -10 and 20, I will bring snow boots and ski pants. Because the most sucky thing in the world is frost-bitten and wet toes.

Some other highlights were spending time with our new friends Brandon and Emily, seeing the Montmorency Falls (which are taller than Niagara Falls), meeting Bon Homme and getting a French blessing, getting to eat a chocolate and strawberry crepe for breakfast, shopping in little French stores, and the sheer beauty of a snow-covered Quebec City. It was really unforgettable.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sounds wonderful to me!! I love Strawberry crepes..delicious!! Sandy

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