25 April 2008

Me & Tanya

Hey! Last night I met up with an old high school buddy! Crazy. We met at Alice's Tea Cup and just got to reminisce about the good ole days and whatnot. We chatted about everything; from our families, our crazy high school French teacher, yummy "Mr. Grayson" and why I almost failed math, people we "hated" in high school (or at least, people I hated...), "Odyssey of the Mind," why we don't believe in high school reunions, our careers, travel, and even politics. How much fun! But how weird is it when you haven't seen someone for 11 years and then see that person from across the street?!? In NYC of all places?!? What an odd feeling. I mean, this was a planned meet-up, but it is still a crazy sensation to recognize how much has changed but how some things will always stay the same. It was so great to see Tanya. She's such a cool chick.


Natanya said...

Hey Suzy-Q!!

It was GREAT to see you, meet Tim, and hang out for awhile with you. I still can't believe it's been 11 years... It's wonderful to have friends that can transport you back to high school days, with their cheerful smile.

I'll check your blog often to keep up to date, but drop me a line from time to time too :)

Best wishes,

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