09 April 2008

"Think Positive"

One of my cool Read 'N' Rant kids that was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the other day just came into the library, and I was complementing him on his awesome job, especially on this one song he sang (as Charlie's dad) called "Think Positive." Anyway, this fella totally cracked me up with a funny head-bob he was doing while singing this song. It was one of my favorite parts of the play because this kid is so funny.

Well, he just left and now that song is completely stuck in my head. But you know, that song really says something about this past week for me. I had such a bad day yesterday, you wouldn't even believe. Basically, yesterday a bunch of stuff really came to a head and, like a zit, it needing squeezing.

I've been dealing with territory issues and feeling extremely unappreciated lately at my workplace. This has been an insane frustration for me. I've worked really hard building up a particular collection, fighting my way through for two whole years and making progress inch by inch, but never receiving any type of recognition or respect for what I've done. My library just hired a new person to take over this collection, which is fantastic for the community, but I feel really mixed feelings about the situation and really hurt by the way in which it was handled. I'm trying so hard to be professional about it (and tight-lipped!) and just let this go, but it is really hard. Well, on the positive side of the situation, we got an unannounced visit from someone important in the area who specializes in that collection and I think he was SUPER impressed with me (and not so much with the rest of the culprits)! Boo-ya! Honestly, I don't think there could have been anything else better about that visit and his impression of me, short of a dove appearing from the sky, landing on my head, and a booming voice that said something like "This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased." So regardless of the crazy pettiness here, and regardless of whether I will ever be praised or appreciated by the rest of the staff, I know that elsewhere I am noticed and also that the kids really notice me. (Isn't that what REALLY matters?!?) The best part of the visit was when one of my best (boy) readers came in and was asking me for book suggestions. Perfect timing, for real. And he also bragged on how cool of a librarian I am and about how he loves the reading club I host. Seriously, it couldn't have been better if it was rigged!

Yes, of course there is more to this story (and a couple more stories beside...), but all this to say that today I am seeing how things can come around full circle - if you give it time. And because I handled certain situations positively, I am gonna be the one coming out smelling like a rose. (Or at least fruit flavored.) We'll see.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Keep up the positive outlook and you will fine.
I have been in situations where I have worked hard only not to get the recognition. It is hard to take but you have to realize that FOR YOURSELF you did a good job!! Be proud of that.
Take care and hang in there.


Lazy Daisy said...

" You are MY beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased." (but look out, it looks like a pigeon flying over your head ready to deposit something on you!) What do they say...Some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue. Woo Hoo! Good on ya girlfriend. So glad that others are noticing your genius and creativity . Love ya babe!

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