14 May 2008

A Suzy Update

Have you missed me?!? I hope so! Sorry ya'll. I've been crazy busy lately. These past two weeks have been nuts. I've have visitors, work craziness, surgery, baby shopping, house issues, pet deaths, and reality TV just keeping me oh-so-busy. Here is an update on what's going on in my world. Maybe I can get you all caught up. And you can read about the "baby stuff" here.

Visitors and House Issues. I've have both my father-in-law and my folks visit these past two weekends! Whew boy. I love guests, but I'm tired! I'm really looking forward to a plain old weekend at home. And I don't want to do ANY more cleaning up. My house is a total wreck because of all the renovations the landlord is doing. They are jacking up the house (literally, like in the basement... the floor joists and all) and now there are cracks upon cracks in the plaster walls. Really. Just what a 5 month pregnant woman wants to see as she is trying to "nest" and prepare the place for a new baby. Nice. So, for now, I am covered in drywall dust, plaster, and laundry. Drats.

Pet Deaths. Let's take a moment to be silent in memory of Mr. Fishy who has recently past on... Thanks. Mr. Fishy was a goldfish gift I gave to my little brother the summer I left for college. That makes Mr. Fishy 11 years old. (No, it is not a Guinness World Record - Andy has already checked on that. But it is pretty dang crazy.) He was about 6 inches in length, too. We have mourned his loss in our family. Andy wanted to have him cremated and scatter his ashes at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. A noble burial.

Surgery. Tim just had a hernia surgery this Monday! Boy, was I freaked out by it, too. There is no way to explain accurately the pangs of fear in seeing your loving hubby in a surgical gown in a sterile white room looking yellowed out while you are 5 months pregnant. THAT REALLY SUCKS. I am really thankful to have had my dad (who is a hernia veteran) and my mom (who is a registered nurse) on hand. Without them being there, I'm really not sure how I would have gotten through this past Monday. Tim is getting better and stronger every day, though. But he is really really sore. The doctor wasn't able to give him as much anesthesia for the surgery itself because of his sleep apnea. Nice, huh? Poor guy. I'm glad we went ahead and got this taken care of now though, before the baby comes!

Baby Shopping. And speaking of my parents being here, they bought us baby furniture!!! I can't tell you what a relief it is to have the crib and dresser taken care of. I was starting to really get stressed about the nursery and the lack of baby stuff for my already halfway done cookin' baby! Tim and my pops put the crib together Sunday night, so now every time I walk by the nursery, I see a pretty white crib all ready for baby. The dresser is on back-order, but soon I'll be able to fill it with some of the cute little outfits my mom and dad picked out for little Jellybean. I'm really so glad to have such a great family.

Reality TV. Okay, and finally, what is up with Parvarti winning Survivor?!? Amanda was totally robbed.


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